From Arkansas to Arizona

We left the Ozarks in Arkansas before done for our long drive to Flagstaff. By 8 we were grabbing breakfast at the McDonalds on Garth Brooks Blvd. in Yukon, Oklahoma. Lunch was a few hours later in Amarillo, Texas at the Cracker Barrel. We have been waiting to go to a Cracker Barrel this whole trip, it didn’t disappoint. It was fun to watch the landscape change from lush green and humid to high plains arid. By the time crossed into New Mexico it was so dry with hardly any green.  


A few tens of miles past the Rio Grande Starbucks in Albuquerque, New Mexico we encountered a terrific lightning storm. It was spectacular, loud, bright, we drove right under   the lightening and scared the heck out of us. 


undoctored pics by Hannah from the backseat

It gushed rain too. Guess I know where all of California’s water has been going.

We made a quick stop at Petrified Forest National Park.

I guess the kids went a little crazy Fromm riding in the car to long because the tried to jump off the cliff… 


Here’s the secret: shhhhh don’t tell them I revealed the secret. 



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