The Ozarks

Sunday morning we left magnificent Memphis and headed to the Ozarks to visit our long lost family that moved to Rogers area Arkansas approximately one month ago. 

We Stopped for gas at a Citgo along the backroad to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. David found an enormous supply of condoms and a fortune telling scale in the men’s gas station. I thought this was the Bible Belt. 

 Pit stop at “The Junction Boot Center” for David in Ravenden, Arkansas. They have 12,000 boots and lots of square dance type outfits. 
 We met my cousins Katie, Ray, Amelie and Rowan for lunch in the touristy town at the Delhi Cafe in Eureka Springs. The town is in a mountainous (for this area of the country that’s 1500 foot elevation) region about 40 minutes from their new home in Rogers, Arkansas.  Eureka Springs was an old rehab location for Civil War veterans.


the way Rowan eats a hotdog
why sip your Dr Pepper the regular way

This region has rolling hills densely wooded with hickory and oak. It is very green, lush and beautiful. The temperature was about 90 degrees and it was humid. There are lakes, rivers and streams everywhere.

After lunch we invaded Katie and Ray’s house for the rest of the afternoon and early evening to swim in Beaver Lake right across from their house! The lake is warm and like everywhere else surrounded by green. It really is a fantastic location, quintessential summer fun too. 

    The grand finale of our visit was a trip to Andy’s frozen custard shop. They are experts at getting fat here in Arkansas – and were are all in.  
It was sad to say goodby to my family but I can understand to appeal of this pretty little part of the world.


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