Last day in New Orleans

Our last day in New Orleans we decided to take the trolley to the Garden District. New Orleans is still undergoing reconstruction due to Hurricane Katrina so the trolley car did not run all the way to our destination. The trolley itself was fun but extremely crowded. Before we boarded we waited at the stop next to a little shop displaying a funky cardboard sign. The kids got local soda pop.  We arrived near Lafayette Cemetery and conducted a self-guided tour. Lafayette cemetery is centrally located amongst the most expensive and fanciest neighborhood in New Orleans. The cemetery houses mausoleums from the turn of the 19th century to present day but mostly filled with victims of yellow fever from the mid-19th-century. We strolled through the rows, read the tombstones and were hot as can be until we read that inside the crypts the temperature can rise to 600°!  After we left Lafayette Cemetery we walked along examining the beautiful homes in the Garden District. One home we saw was built by slaves for a couple of thousand dollars for a local judge then served as the home of Jefferson Davis until he died at the residence.

 Eventually we stumbled quite by accident upon a unique little restaurant. District Donuts, Sliders and Brew serves sandwiches on donuts! I wish I would’ve thought of it because they were absolutely delicious.

For dinner tonight we went to another famous local establishment called Mother’s. It was basically like a diner but famous r for its ham dinner. 


And to cap off our busy to New Orleans we strolled down Bourbon Street. YES, we took the kids to Bourbon Strret.  




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