The National WWII Museum

I should mention that our hotel, Residence Inn by Marriott New Orleans Downtown, is in the old warehouse district of the city. The building is really cool because it has been repurposed and is quite unusual and not a standard looking hotel. I’m into antiques so quite appreciate the old windows and façade that have been left in place. 

our hotel fascade

Today our only activity was visiting the national World War II museum here in New Orleans. The museum is spectacular and growing tremendously with several buildings under construction. Any explanation I give would not do it justice so you should visit the website for detailed information about the museum:   

David and Josh talk with a WEII vet who participated in a landing via Higgins boat
Rachel contemplating D- Day
fake paratroopers

Tonight we went on a ghost tour. Our creole tour guide Judy used to work as a high school history teacher. She was full of trivia and stories of where the ghosts haunt New Orleans.  It was nice to walk around the French Quarter with a guide at night since I’m a bit apprehensive of this town. Although it is southern, hospitality does not reign supreme here. The French quarter is very quaint and at night definitely reminds you of New Orleans Square in Disneyland. But in stark daylight you can see that 50% of the town is unoccupied/abandon and quite run down. And there are tons of homeless grifter types and it’s smells bad like a combination of urine vomit and body odor.  



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