The Road from Austin to San Antonio

We drove from Austin to New Orleans today. David has an addiction though…western boots! Consequently we make pit stops at many (not all, you wouldn’t believe how many there are) boot stores, outlets, factories. I have to admit, the boot stores do it right in Texas. The Texas Boot Barn serves beer while you shop. Many stores are like boot museums.   

 The drive through southeastern Texas was pleasant. The terrain is fairly flat with some trees and very green. You can really tell when you hit the Houston metropolitan area, IT IS HUGE.

We made a quick stop in the number one barbeque in Houston, at least according to a couple of lists: Pizzitola’s. IT WAS SO TINY. Such a hole in the wall obvious local institution. The bbq was great and the coleslaw and potato salad were fantastic.  


old school
   And then we were back on the road to New Orleans. 

Hannah took a turn driving
gas is cheap all over

It became progressively more densely wooded and then swampy! The first town you hit in Louisiana is kind of gross. It’s a casino town called Lake Charles or as David and I call it Clear Lake with oil wells, humidity and casinos.

We arrived in New Orleans at a thoroughly decent hour and retired to our large comfortable rooms! Off to bed now because we have an big day tomorrow.


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