We had a short leisurely drive from San Antonio to Austin. We timed our trip to put us in Driftwood at lunchtime. Driftwood is the home of The Salt Lick. We are now in barbeque mode! The Salt Like is a barbecue restaurant opened in 1967 that is about 25 minutes outside Austin. We got to the restaurant a little after 11 AM and found it already quite crowded. It was delicious, especially the pork ribs. The restaurant was very much picnic style having you eat at long wooden tables.   
 Upon arrival in Austin we went on a driving tour of the University of Texas, Austin campus. It is large and hilly, quite beautiful.  Next we checked out the state Capitol. The Capitol building was constructed to be just taller than the US Capitol in an intentional show of state power. The Texas state legislature is in session only on odd years and then only from January to May. Maybe if the California state legislature were in session so seldom we would have a better run the government.   On our way to watch the bats fly out of the Congress Bridge we grabbed take out at Gus’s Fried Chicken. They say it’s world famous (and that Elvis lives). It was delicious especially eaten by the roadside, hobo style. i  


The bats were shy tonight and didn’t make much of the showing. That’s just fine with me because after all they are rats with wings and I hate rats.

After the girls were safely tucked into bed, David and I checked out the HandleBar to sample some local brews. Great way to end the day! 



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