We made it to Tucson

I have to confess, the drive to Tucson wasn’t that bad. We pretty much drove straight through only stopping for gas and to grab Subway for lunch. The girls were such troopers. They snoozed, played games and surfed on their mobile devices. I actually didn’t hear even one, “Are we there yet?”.
 We arrived for dinner at the best restaurant in Tucson – El Charro Cafe – right at 4:30, early but we were all starving. The restaurant has been in business since 1922 and claim to have invented the chimichanga. They have this special beef called carne seca. It’s marinated beef dried in the Sonoran Desert sun then shredded and grilled with green chiles, tomatoes and onions. The kids got chicken 😝Everything was fabulous. Before our food came it suddenly started hailing jacks ball sized hail. The downpour was exciting enough to case us all to file out of the restaurant to watch for a while.     After dinner we investigated Saguaro National Park. Once again I was impressed by the teenagers. They were incredibly engaged and appreciative of the natural beauty of the desert landscape. We caught a lightning storm and enjoyed natures fireworks until dark.    



One thought on “We made it to Tucson

  1. My mouth was watering from your description of dinner! This sounds (and looks) like a trip of a lifetime for all concerned. Keep the blogs coming—-can’t wait to hear what you cowboys are up to next!


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